Places to Go in East London: Check it Out!

Anywhere you might go; there are tourist destinations that are offered in every corner. For east London, there are many places to go to. If you are looking for an adventure, or maybe you would want to make a splash, or visit somewhere historical or peaceful, East London has got your back on these items.
The following are some activities you might want to experience and get a grip on when visiting East London:

  1. E Pellicci meal
  2. Start your day right! Eat at E Pellicci for a fair price. Ever since the 1900, this place has been known for its eggs and pan fried goodness. This diner serves fried, grilled, and Italian dishes that will surely uplift your spirit to tackle East London.

  3. Tower of London
  4. In this 900-year-old tower, the crowns, diamonds, tiaras, scepters, of the royal family are being publicly displayed. All of the items displayed are being used by the rayal family during official occasions. So these are more than what you earn for a living, get a chance to see those precious jewels! This tourist attraction is quite famous. A little tip, be early because you are not the only tourist to visit this place! There are also live beefeaters that would give entertainment while you are at the area.

  5. Royal Victoria Dock
  6. Why would you not plunge into deep waters if you have the chance, right? For an epic experience, try to plunge into the ever deep Royal Victoria Dock. During Sundays, there are sessions that accommodate those casual swimmers and athletic swimmers. There are also lifeguards on duty and rest assured, safety of the swimmers are on the top priority.

  7. XOYO Night Club
  8. Of course, London is a place where the night is just another term for party. Try and visit the XOYO night club where you will experience first class “DJing.” With fresh and new beats, the party will never stop here COYO and would likely get you to better and be an animal on the dancefloor.

  9. V and A Museum of Childhood
  10. Get that child spirit out! Bring back those nostalgic memories of He-Man, Star Wars, or Sylvanian toys. Look no further; this museum will be your mini playground as they display lots of toys over the years that would give you all the giddiness. Get to spend your afternoon in going through this museum. There is also an available café for you to chill out after checking the place.

  11. Tudor Mansion
  12. A mansion filled with art. This mansions is beautifully maintained because this building features lots of architectural feature over the centuries according to this was formerly occupied by squatters.

Cheap Thrills: Affordable Restaurants in East London

East London has some of the fine tourist destinations. Sometimes we choose some affordable meals to go spend some leisure moments on other items but not much on meals. We tend to have a budget towards our meal. Here in east London, there are many affordable restaurants to choose from. Here are some a must check out to keep your meal on a budget.

  1. Pavilion Café, Victoria Park

The food here is quite good even though it is not that pricy. The place is known to be picturesque for its lakeside but now it is currently under major renovation because the lake is drained. From sandwiches to beef menus, everything here is delicious. The Pavilion usually would want to attract vegetarians as to their menus are more on vegetables than meat. They have dishes like sprouting broccoli, soft boiled eggs on toast, and many more. This place is not good for those introverts because the café is filled with most families and noisy children and mothers which also is a crowd bringer with all the fuss.

  1. Mangal Ocakbasi, Dalston

Looking for a traditional Turkish ‘ocak’ grill? Mangal Ocakbasi is a good place to dine a kebab! This establishment has been running since 1993 and has developed good food over the years especially their meat dishes. They have thirteen different kinds of kebabs that could be split for two and would save you a lot.

  1. St john Bread and Wine, Spitalfields

This restaurant serves dishes that can put your pennies into worth. They serve breakfast like porridge and prunes at an affordable price. Their wine is quite good at a cheap price and they also serve cakes and other pastries. They also have a variety of menus. Especially during lunch, they have “small ‘n’ large plates’ according to which can be handy in terms of budgeting.

Few Cities and Towns of Eastern Cape: Check It!

There are a variety of cities here in Eastern Cape that is special in its own way. Actually if you get to visit one city you can also check out the neighboring ones by commuting or a drive.  From Picturesque views of different places to an awesome day out at extraordinary beaches, the cities and town in Eastern Cape will make you fall in love more. According to, here are some of the cities and towns that you can just drop by.

Coffee Bay
This place is both creepy and majestic. Creepy because this bay is untouched and is haunted by shipwrecked ghost sailors. Even that is a given, the beauty of the view is much appreciated.

Coffee Bay

Graaff Reinet
This town shows magnificent Karoo architecture, amazing monuments, and many more. This is noted as the oldest town in the Eastern Cape. This is also know as the ‘Athens’ of South Africa.

Graaff Reinet

Barkly East
A small town located at the southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape. The city is a great place to enjoy especially if you are an outdoor junkie. They have lots of places to hike, raft, water ski, and even biking.

Barkly East

Aliwal North
This town is the heart of farming between its neighboring cities and towns. Thy prduct products like maize, wheat, wool, beed, and dairy. They also have two hot springs.

Aliwal North

Jeffreys Bay
This place is made for the “forever summer” craze. This bay offers good beaches and fantastic resorts. Founded in 1849, this place has been known as a holiday and retirement resort.

Jeffreys Bay

East London
This place is truly charming and filled with rich history. Get to experience the rich cultural heritage East London has instore for you. this is another gateway to the see the beaches and get the sun-kissed tan on.

East London